Taiwanese Tech Maker Advantech Converts Intel's Arc A370M Mobile GPU into Desktop Graphics Card

Taiwanese tech maker Advantech has transformed Intel's Arc A370M mobile GPU into a desktop graphics card called the EAI-3100. The EAI-3100 utilizes the same Arc A370M mobile GPU, which is based on the Xe-LP architecture chip found in laptops. However, it incorporates more robust cooling to achieve desktop-level performance.

The EAI-3100 features a large aluminum heatsink that covers the entire PCB, along with a 40 mm fan for active cooling. This allows the card to operate at up to 60 Watt TGP (total graphics power), a significant increase compared to the A370M's 35-50 Watt mobile power range. Despite the improved cooling, Advantech has not factory overclocked the EAI-3100, keeping its graphics clock speed at 1,550 MHz. The card also retains the same PCIe 4.0 x8 interface as the mobile A370M. An 8-pin PCIe power connector has been added to provide headroom for user overclocking attempts.

In terms of gaming performance, the A370M and the EAI-3100 offer playable frame rates at 1080p resolution with medium image quality settings. The card is comparable to NVIDIA's mobile RTX 3050 GPU. As Intel continues to optimize Arc drivers, further improvements are expected. The EAI-3100's dual-slot, 6.61-inch design ensures compatibility with most desktop PC cases. With its compact size and the A370M's solid 1080p capabilities, this transformed card provides an interesting budget option for gamers looking for a discounted route to Arc's architecture. Despite its small size, the custom cooling solution of the EAI-3100 maintains appropriate temperatures for sustained operation, potentially surpassing the laptop form factor SKU. For video output, the card offers two HDMI 2.0b and two DP 1.4a ports.