Introducing the Philips 49B2U6900CH: A Monitor Designed for Collaboration and Productivity

The Philips 49B2U6900CH is a cutting-edge monitor that offers a wide range of features to enhance collaboration and teamwork in the modern digital workplace. With its large 48.8-inch screen and 5120 x 1440 DQHD resolution, this monitor provides a high-quality viewing experience that would typically require two separate monitors.

Built for the Professional Work Environment

One of the standout features of the Philips 49B2U6900CH is its focus on the professional work environment. It comes equipped with an Adjustable Webcam with Autoframing, a noise-canceling mic, and a Busylight. These features make it easier to work with colleagues around the world. The webcam can adjust its view to fit all team members within the frame during conference calls, and it can be adjusted back and forth by 30 degrees to accommodate professionals of all heights.

The Busylight, located on the top of the webcam, communicates working statuses. For example, it turns red when a colleague is on a call. Users can also press the Busylight hotkey to turn the light red when they are occupied. Additionally, professionals can sync their Microsoft Teams statuses to the Busylight feature.

Introducing Greater Productivity with Smart KVM

The Philips 49B2U6900CH is not only designed for the working environment but also offers increased productivity. The Smart KVM feature allows professionals to easily switch between sources by pressing the "Ctrl" key three times. The monitor's USB-C cable also enables easy charging of external devices via power delivery.

Another convenient feature is the Earphone Hook located on the monitor's bezel. Professionals can use it to store their headset at the end of the working day or during breaks.

Additional Features

In addition to its collaboration and productivity features, the Philips 49B2U6900CH offers a curved frame and DisplayHDR 400 certification for an immersive and high-quality picture experience. It also includes a Low Blue Mode with Flicker-Free technology and a height-adjustable stand for a comfortable viewing experience.

The Philips 49B2U6900CH monitor will be available for purchase in January with an MSRP of €1249.