Intel CEO Outlines Future Performance Expectations for Core Processors

During a recent earnings call, Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel Corporation, discussed the company's plans for its Core range of processors. Gelsinger stated that the Core Ultra platform currently offers leading AI performance, with even better performance expected from the upcoming Lunar Lake and Arrow Lake platforms, set to launch later this year. These new platforms are projected to triple AI performance compared to the previous generation. Additionally, Gelsinger mentioned that the Panther Lake platform, set to release in 2025, will further increase AI performance by up to 2 times.

Last year, Intel released the Intel Core Ultra "Meteor Lake" mobile processors, which were seen as a response to AMD's Ryzen 7040 "Phoenix" APU series. Both Intel and AMD incorporated their own AI-crunching NPU technologies into these processors. Gelsinger expressed confidence in the release schedule for the Lunar Lake and Arrow Lake Core product lines, expecting no delays. He highlighted that Intel is the first in the industry to integrate gate-all-around and backside power delivery in a single process node, with the latter being two years ahead of the competition. The lead Intel 20A vehicle, Arrow Lake, is set to launch this year.

Gelsinger also discussed Intel's node advancements, stating that Intel 18A is expected to achieve manufacturing readiness in the second half of 2024. This milestone will complete Intel's journey of five nodes in four years, bringing the company back to process leadership. The first Intel 18A part for servers, Clearwater Forest, has already entered fabrication, and Panther Lake for clients will follow shortly.

Industry experts speculate that Core "Panther Lake" parts may incorporate elements from the next generation Xeon "Clearwater Forest" family, particularly the "Darkmont" E-cores, alongside "Cougar Cove" P-cores. Gelsinger expressed enthusiasm about the manufacturing plans for 2025, emphasizing the progress on Intel 18A and the confidence gained from Clearwater Forest's tape-out.