Graid Technology Announces Revolutionary GPU-Based RAID Solution

Graid Technology, a pioneering company in GPU-based RAID for NVMe, is proud to introduce the groundbreaking SupremeRAID SR-1001. This innovative RAID solution utilizes GPU technology to maximize the performance of NVMe SSDs, while eliminating CPU cycle consumption and avoiding throughput bottlenecks. With patented out-of-path RAID protection technology, data travels directly from the CPU to the NVMe SSDs, providing unmatched flexibility, unprecedented performance, and superior value.

NVMe SSDs offer high-speed performance and low latency, greatly enhancing tasks in CAD, video editing, IoT, and gaming. Faster loading times, improved rendering, quick file transfers, smooth playback, efficient data processing, and reduced latency all contribute to superior overall performance. However, traditional RAID methods introduce bottlenecks that limit the performance of NVMe SSDs in critical applications. The GPU-based SupremeRAID SR-1001 supports up to 8 NVMe SSDs and delivers exceptional performance and flexibility for towers and edge servers, professional workstations, and gaming desktops. It is the ideal storage choice for engineers, videographers, telcos, CSPs, and MSPs. Its powerful performance capabilities make it well-suited for CAD, video editing, IoT, and gaming applications.

"As NVMe SSDs play a crucial role in cloud, core, and edge infrastructure, there is a clear demand for enhanced data protection without compromising performance," said Leander Yu, President and CEO of Graid Technology. "SupremeRAID SR-1001 addresses this need by delivering best-in-class performance and airtight data protection while optimizing throughput, parallelism, and latency, ensuring seamless performance at the edge. We are excited to add the SR-1001 to the SupremeRAID suite of products."

Graid Technology continues to lead the industry with innovative storage solutions, ensuring optimal NVMe SSD performance and superior data protection across various applications. The SupremeRAID SR-1001 is now available through all Graid Technology resale partners and distributors worldwide.