AQIRYS Introduces LIBERTAS Keyboard

AQIRYS is excited to announce the newest addition to its keyboard lineup, the LIBERTAS. This keyboard has been carefully designed to provide enhanced silence and smooth operation, representing a significant evolution in mechanical keyboard design. The LIBERTAS keyboard features specially tailored HaiMu x AQIRYS Silent 5-pin mechanical switches, offering an exceptionally quiet and smooth typing experience. These switches are meticulously pre-lubricated to reduce friction and operational noise, resulting in a quieter and more effortless keystroke. The silent and smooth characteristics of these switches make them ideal for gamers who require precision and stealth, as well as professionals working in noise-sensitive environments. The LIBERTAS keyboard combines performance with user comfort through its thoughtful design details.

The LIBERTAS keyboard has a 75% form factor that combines the minimalism of a 60% keyboard with the key functions of a full-size model. This design optimizes comfort and response time during extended gaming sessions, making it ideal for competitive gaming and everyday use.

Advanced Gasket-Mounted Design

The LIBERTAS keyboard features an innovative design that significantly reduces noise. Its multi-layered internal architecture includes a switch plate isolated with silicone gaskets and a PCB encased between silicone sheets for sound and vibration damping. To further enhance sound dampening, an IXPE sheet has been added between the PCB and the first layer of silicone. Additionally, customers have the option to install a sound dampening space bar foam included in the package. This results in an exceptionally quiet typing experience, similar to the softness of a heartbeat, perfect for focused gaming sessions.

Durable and Customizable

The LIBERTAS keyboard is equipped with high-quality, three-color double-shot PBT keycaps, providing an enhanced and tactile typing experience. These keycaps are durable and resistant to fading, ensuring long-lasting legibility and aesthetics. The keyboard also comes with 15 Tactile switches, 12 extra keycaps, an extra bluish volume knob, an elegant dust cover, and a multi-tool brush, allowing users to customize the look of their keyboard and easily maintain it, ensuring both functionality and personal style are catered to.

Versatile Connectivity and Long Battery Life

The LIBERTAS keyboard offers versatile connectivity options to suit various user preferences. It supports three modes of connection: two wireless options (2.4 GHz for fast, lag-free gaming and Bluetooth for wide compatibility with multiple devices) and a wired mode, useful for charging or for those who prefer a stable, direct connection. The keyboard is equipped with a durable, detachable USB Type-C braided cable, providing robustness and ease of use. Its impressive 8000mA battery ensures long-lasting performance, capable of up to 24 hours of continuous use with the RGB lighting on, and an exceptional standby time of up to 72 days with the lights off, making it a reliable choice for both intensive and regular use.

Future-Proof Customization

The LIBERTAS keyboard is designed with a user-friendly, hot-swappable structure, integrating high-grade Kailh Rainbow switch sockets certified for 6000 cycles. These premium switch sockets support easy replacement and customization of switches, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of mechanical switch types, both 3-pin and 5-pin. This feature allows users to personalize their typing experience to match their preferences, whether they seek a different tactile feel, sound, or actuation force. The hot-swap capability also extends the keyboard's lifespan, as users can effortlessly replace worn or damaged switches without needing technical expertise or soldering. This design element makes LIBERTAS a versatile and adaptable choice for gamers and typists who value customization and ease of maintenance.

The AQIRYS Libertas keyboard is now available for purchase at select retailers and online platforms for 99.99€ including VAT / $90.99 without taxes.