ZALMAN Introduces the CNPS14X Duo Black CPU Cooler

ZALMAN has unveiled its latest high-end air-type CPU cooler, the CNPS14X Duo Black. This cooler is designed to handle thermal loads of up to 270 W, which is comparable to typical 240 mm AIO liquid coolers. It boasts an impressive size of 126 mm x 135 mm x 159 mm (DxWxH) and weighs 1.16 kg.

The CNPS14X Duo Black features a traditional dual fin-stack (D-type) heatsink with a ZALMAN patented reverse direct-touch heatpipe base. Unlike other coolers that have the heatpipes make direct or indirect contact with the CPU, this mechanism encloses and surrounds the heatpipes with the base-plate, ensuring contact with the entire surface area of the heatpipes. The heatsink is equipped with six 6 mm-thick copper heatpipes that pass through two aluminium fin-stacks, both of which are capped by ABS top-plates.

This cooler comes with two ZALMAN AF120 fans. Users have the option to use both fans in a push-pull configuration, which provides 44 mm of clearance for the memory. Alternatively, they can use a single fan, which clears out 52 mm for the memory. Each fan operates at speeds ranging from 600 to 2,000 RPM, delivering up to 69.12 CFM of airflow and a maximum static pressure of 2.01 mm H₂O. The maximum noise output is 29.7 dBA, and the hydro dynamic bearings are rated for 40,000 hours of use.

The ZALMAN CNPS14X Duo Black supports various CPU socket types, including Intel LGA1700, LGA1200, and AMD AM5, AM4. The cooler comes with a sachet of ZALMAN ZM-STC8 thermal compound, which has a thermal conductivity rating of 8.3 W/mK. Pricing details have not been disclosed by the company.