ASUS IoT Launches Industry-Leading Ultra-Compact Edge Computers and Embedded Boards

ASUS IoT, the global AIoT solution provider, has announced the release of ultra-compact edge computers and embedded boards featuring the new Intel Core Ultra processors. These products include the C7146ES-IM-AA, C5143ES-IM-AA single-board computer (SBC), EBS-S500W edge computer, and PE2200U ultra-compact fanless embedded computer. They offer AI-ready CPU, GPU, and NPU enhancements, as well as impressive power efficiency. These solutions are designed for various applications such as smart retail, traffic analysis, medical imaging, utility management, and edge AI, showcasing ASUS IoT's commitment to enabling next-generation AI capabilities at the edge.

"ASUS IoT is proud to present our leading solutions to the market, enabling easy deployment of next-generation AI capabilities at the edge," said KuoWei Chao, General Manager of ASUS IoT Business Group. "By collaborating with Intel, ASUS IoT solutions can provide faster AI results, support more media streams per device, and ensure long-term value through product longevity."

AI-Ready Performance

The Intel Core Ultra processors are designed to enhance AI computing performance by up to 1.5X compared to previous-generation processors. With up to 14 cores and 20 threads, these processors operate at a 15-watt power base. Leveraging the new Intel 4 process, they deliver exceptional performance per watt, making them ideal for next-generation edge/IoT platforms. The inclusion of DDR5-5600 memory enables seamless IT/OT integration with reliable low latency. These processors enable ASUS IoT solutions to streamline operations and help businesses harness their full potential for data and growth support.

The latest Intel Core Ultra processors also feature built-in Intel Arc GPUs, reducing the need for a discrete GPU. This generation supports up to 50 HDR video streams, delivers visuals with exceptional detail, and accelerates the popular AV1 codec for more efficient compression compared to H.265.

Enable Diverse AIoT Applications with ASUS IoT Lineup

ASUS IoT's product lineup, based on Intel Core Ultra processors, enables a diverse range of AIoT applications. Here are some highlights:

C7146ES-IM-AA, C5143ES-IM-AA 3.5-inch Single-Board Computer

The C7146ES-IM-AA and C5143ES-IM-AA support up to 64 GB of dual-channel DDR5-5600 MHz memory and offer a four-display configuration via multiple interfaces, including HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, USB-C, and LVDS/eDP. They are particularly suitable for video solutions, smart retail, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

EBS-S500W Edge Computer

The EBS-S500W provides a wide range of connectivity and expansion options, including USB 3.2, USB 2.0, USB-C, and COM ports. It is equipped for the future with M.2 slots for LTE/5G and WiFi/BT functionality.

PE2200U Ultra-Compact Fanless Embedded Computer

The PE2200U offers improved power efficiency with a rugged design architecture and an operating temperature range of -20 to 60°C. It also provides a variety of connectivity options, including dual LAN expandable to four, two PoE ports, seven USB sockets, four COM ports, and M.2 slots for expansion flexibility.