Bitspower Unveils Exciting New Products at 2024 International CES

Bitspower showcased a range of innovative products at the 2024 International CES. One standout item was the Lian Li PC-O11D Evo XL case, which was enhanced with the Enigma Light Panel kit by Bitspower. This kit features infinity reflection lighting that can be arranged along the edges of side and front panels, creating an impressive visual effect. The Enigma Light Panel kit is compatible with standard 3-pin ARGB, allowing users to integrate it with their existing lighting setup.

Another highlight from Bitspower's lineup is the CR Slim series reservoirs. These reservoirs are designed in the distribution plate format and can be aligned with a glass panel, providing a better view of the coolant. They come in various sizes, ranging from 120 mm x 120 mm to 803 mm x 140 mm, and feature fitting ports strategically placed to align with CPU and VGA blocks, as well as radiators. The reservoirs are equipped with preparation for a standard D5 pump and include a side cover with ARGB LED lighting.

Bitspower also introduced an innovative full-coverage VGA water block. To address the issue of wasted acrylic space on shorter PCBs, Bitspower shifted the coolant mounts towards the tail-end of the card and utilized the space to fit a pump. This allows the card to be directly connected to a radiator, eliminating the need for a separate reservoir. The water block is made of nickel-plated copper with an acrylic top and features a coolant channel that cools not only the GPU but also the memory and VRM.

In addition to these products, Bitspower showcased a range of fittings and stops with the iconic Bitspower logo. These fittings come in various single-tone and dual-tone metal trims, including chrome, silver, bare brass, gold, black+gold, all-plate, and all white.

Bitspower also presented the MSI Project Zero CPU water block, known as the Summit Block Revo. This innovative solution eliminates the need for coolant tubes sticking out from the CPU water block or AIO block. By utilizing the crawlspace behind the motherboard tray, a component can be connected to the water cooling loop, conveying coolant to the other side of the motherboard. This solution works with any motherboard that has standard cooler mount holes, as long as there is sufficient clearance behind the motherboard tray.

Bitspower also showcased large socket CPU water blocks for AMD Socket sTRX5 and Intel Socket LGA4677, as well as regular desktop CPU water blocks for Intel Socket LGA1700 and AMD Socket AM5. These blocks feature thicker primary material and large coolant chambers to accommodate the MCM silicon underneath.

Finally, Bitspower introduced the Griffin 120 fans, designed for high static pressure and radiator applications. These fans come in "forward" and "reverse" form-factors and are available in black and white. Bearing options include fluid-dynamic and sleeved.