Cooler Master's research and design team has been busy lately, as evidenced by their recent appearance at CES 2024. They showcased a prototype called "Project VGA Cooler," which generated excitement among attendees. However, it's a challenge to convince customers that an aftermarket part can outperform the standard triple-fan arrays found on expensive custom high-end GeForce RTX 40xx cards. The Project VGA Cooler was presented in white or dark silver, accompanied by twin Mobius 120 mm fans. These fans are equipped with special loop dynamic bearings, although it's unclear if they were specifically designed for this project.

During the event, TPU staff observed the refitting of an ASUS GeForce RTX 4090 TUF graphics card. The original triple-fan array was removed and replaced with the experimental aftermarket part, which was attached to the TUF's remaining heatsink and shroud. Cooler Master's demonstration went smoothly, but there are doubts about whether these prototype GPU cooling units can be universally compatible with various expensive current-generation GeForce RTX models or Radeon RX equivalents. Cooler Master's design team will need to carefully select specific and popular GPU models as "Project VGA Cooler" progresses from the conceptual phase to its final retail form.