Modular Stream Control Panel: The MasterHub by Cooler Master

In the world of gaming lifestyle brands, having a stream-control device is a must. However, none come close to the functionality of the MasterHub by Cooler Master. This innovative device is a modular and highly customizable stream control panel that allows you to swap out modules to change its layout and functionality. The base plate, which is approximately the size of a 7-inch tablet, features various contact points on top. You can select the modules you need and mount them on top of this dock.

With the MasterHub, you have a wide range of modules to choose from. These include a 15-key Lebdev pad, a 5-pole fader, rotary knobs, drum rollers, and even a puck-shaped touchscreen. You can mix and match these modules according to your requirements, and everything can be programmed using the MasterHub app. You can even have multiple modules of the same kind, such as two Lebdev pads with a total of 30 keys, or as many MasterHubs as you desire. The base plate conveniently aggregates all the modules into a single USB-C connection to your PC.